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The Pokémon Encounter CodeGen makes cheat codes for catching the pokémon of your choice, in the GBA Pokémon game. This uses a special "event" encounter method, which can determine more about the pokémon than any other encounter method. However, these codes will only affect the "event" pokémon.

Here's all the things you can set with this program:

Pokémon Species
MAP/PID: Nature, Gender, Shiny, Unown Type
IVs: HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, Speed
Contest Stats: Cool, Beauty, Cute, Smart, Tough
Current HP
Location where to Encounter

Code Info

The codes are for US Pokémon Emerald, and also for US Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen 1.0 and 1.1. Both DMA and RNG code-versions are up for FireRed/LeafGreen now too.

To answer any questions, here is a short explaination about the two code-versions. The DMA version codes need the DMA Disabler code which freezes the memory so the codes can write to the correct addresses [an address is a data storage location]. Alternatively, the RNG version codes use references to the addresses, elimating any problems caused by the shifting memory. The purpose of the RNG-Kill code is to make the pokémon appear each and every time. The RNG code-version is preferred but is available only for Action Replay v3 and above. For more information, see the Help file.

The Pokémon Encounter CodeGen can make codes for the following cheat devices:

GameShark Advance v2 or lower
Action Replay v3 or higher (including AR-Max Duo)
VisualBoy Advance emulator

Sorry, but it doesn't support CodeBreaker, Xploder, or GameShark SP.


Pokémon Encounter Code Generator - version: 1.5.1
(to download, Right-Click and choose "Save Target As" or similiar)

This is the CodeGen for making the encounter codes. It's written in javascript, so it runs like a normal webpage.

In version 1.1, I added new code-versions (for ARv3) to work along with the RNG-Kill code. These make finding the pokémon a cinch.

In version 1.3, I added codes for Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen. I then fixed a problem with the game version. Codes weren't being generated under the correct version.

In version 1.4, I completed all code versions for both Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen 1.0 and 1.1. I also added a jump-to PokéDex number feature.

In version 1.5, I added the ability to choose Wurmple's evolution, and added a place to input the personality value for Spinda's spots. I also touched up the program's appearance to look better for Firefox browsers.

Pokémon Encounter CodeGen Help

Consult this if you need any help on the program or the codes. It may not quite cover everything yet, but I'm working to make it more complete.

Pokémon Ability Coder

This program makes ROM Patch codes (for Action Replay v3) that temporary change the special ability of an entire pokémon species. The codes are for US Pokémon Emerald.

Pokémon Type Coder

Similiar to the above program, this program makes ROM Patch codes (Action Replay v3) that temporary change the base type of an entire pokémon species. At the moment, the program only creates codes for US Pokémon Emerald.

Any of the pokémon can be changed to have either one or two types. To get a pure type, change both types to the same thing. For a chart of the effectiveness of attacks on different pokémon types, there is a nice one on Serebii.net.

Spinda Painter - version: 1.3.2

This program essentially allows you to position the spots on the pokémon Spinda. You can drag the spots around the pokémon's face, and the program will generate the value for that layout. The program can also accept a number and arrange the spots accordingly. The number can be used in either the Pokémon Encounter CodeGen, or in Kpdavatar's Pokémon Maker.

In Kpdavatar's program, enter the decimal (base-10) number into the textbox for the PID value, and deselect "Use Random PIDs".

In my Encounter CodeGen program, select Spinda from the pokémon list, click the checkbox by "Define Spots?", and enter the number into the textbox. The hexadecimal (base-16) number can also be used. Just select the "hex" radio button before entering the number.


Current Projects:

· Pokémon Type Coder
>> RELEASED <<             

Similiar to the Pokémon Ability Coder, this creates codes that change the pokémon type for the entire species.

· Pokémon Radio

Creates codes to listen to any pokémon song in the game. The premise was to bring back the radio feature of Pokémon Gold.

>> Oh no! I found out that my "tuner" method is flawed. I will have to rethink the program now. It will probably be easiest to adjust it for fewer slots.

· Spinda Painter

Add spots interactively to pokémon #327 Spinda.

Add spots interactively to pokémon #327 Spinda.

>> RELEASED << Spinda Painter - ver. 1.2 Use the mouse to drag and drop the spots. Spinda is 5X as large to allow precise placement. Enjoy.

In this version, there is also a 1X spinda preview thumbnail. Both spinda previews will have the true spot shadings, but only when the page is viewed with Firefox or IE7.
(I just made the necessary corrections for this effect to work in Internet Explorer 7).

Page Last Updated: 21-Oct-2007